2nd Year IADT Photography

About Moxie

Established in 2005, Moxie Studios is a not-for-profit arts resource organization that provides workspace, materials, technical assistance and consultation, exhibition and performance opportunities to musicians, artists and groups.

K Bear Koss, Director

K Bear Koss is an artist and writer who has worked with community-based non-profit organisations and arts projects in several different countries over the past ten years. Koss came to Ireland from Tucson, Arizona in 2004 to complete an MFA in Virtual Realities at NCAD, and has been exhibiting and working from Dublin ever since. He is currently engaged in PhD research.


Mr. Ben the Dog & Harvey Wallbanger
Beneavin is in charge of Hospitality, the Running Silly Department,  and the Eating Butter Committee.

Harvey looks after general housekeeping duties such as dusting the floor with his beard and hoovering up any edible [and some not-so-edible] crumbs.  He is also Fire Marshall and chairperson of the Bureau of Bold Behaviour.