Sharon White: The World is not the Universe

Opening reception November 10th, 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition continues until November 21st
Gallery opening times: Mon – Sat 12.00 – 17.00

The World is not the Universe is a solo exhibition by Dublin based artist, Sharon White. The exhibition’s focus is on interpretations of fact and functionality. Each piece is based on a recognisable object e.g. a blanket, a branch, a lifebuoy. The artist transforms her subjects into versions of themselves where one particular aspect of the objects’ original make-up is altered.

Sharon White’s work deals with themes of metamorphisis, detierioration and regeneration. While her practice has encompassed a variety of media, it is mainly through sculpture and the use of found objects and recycled material that she makes her work. Past bodies of work have concentrated on the human body, utilising the shapes and forms as well as the personalities of found materials to replicate the structures found within our anatomy. The relationship between artefact and meaning and how this can be reordered to create a new narrative is a key concern of White, particularly for this exhibition.

Previous exhibitions of Sharon White’s work include: Oddio, Exchange Dublin in colaboration with Aine Belton,2010. Earwig!Tuam Arts festival, various locations, Tuam Co. Galway, 2010.Shop if You Can, Look if You Want, St. Patricks Day Festival, various locations, 2010. Scribble Box, Bombhouse Gallery and Studios, group show, 2009.

Image: Life Buoy 2011