Ugly Beauty: Lee Malone

‘Ugly Beauty’ is a series of portraits of some of the main models in Ireland, depicting the raw emotion, and absence of pretence of strong modern women. There will be three head shots per model; the first, a stripped bare unveiling of natural beauty, without make-up;

the second, entitled Women Curse, will capture the ugly expression of emotion;

and thirdly, each model will react to a hand written word or emotion with which they closely identify.

This display of black and white images touches on the vulnerability of women whilst feeling ugly emotions, yet still depicts them as strong and competent individuals.

There will also be an audio-visual film on loop, which will show the models cursing in different tones and through different emotions.

The exhibition launches on the 16th on December, and will run for a week in the lead up to Christmas at Moxie Studios on Lad Lane.